Poised to revolutionize the mobile commerce industry, this Snap2Get™, enables anybody with a mobile phone to pay, buy and even perform banking transactions. It is a user-friendly application and accessible via mobile – users can access the Snap2Get™ app via their smart phones and start shopping! Products with unique QR codes will be located in city areas on advertisements known as “virtual station”.
Burj Asia Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd. comprises of a team of highly skilled individuals from various backgrounds but with a single aim – to introduce cutting edge and emerging technology in the mobile commerce industry. While the landscape of the market is ever-changing and volatile,
our diverse team is more than able to assist you through meeting challenges and also to capitalize on the endless opportunities available via mobile Internet. Our people also possess in-depth knowledge that can only be derived from sheer hard work and experience, leveraging on the combined expertise of our team ensures that only the best is provided for our clients.
In addition to exploring new territory with our revolutionary business models that merges mobile commerce and digital marketing, we assist our clients in streamlining their businesses into the mobile commerce industry with ease. We develop various mobile commerce solutions by conceptualizing, designing and implementing it so that these business models deliver real benefits and enhances business operations, productivity and effectiveness. Burj Asia Corporation offers m-commerce solutions for forward-thinking businesses that wish to operate seamlessly across platforms and devices. Our strength lies in predicting, providing and fulfilling what consumers in this volatile market wants or needs and providing a mobile platform for interaction between businesses and consumers while establishing close relationships on both sides.