Established in 2009, Burj Asia Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd is pioneering unparalleled mobile commerce services in Malaysia. Our mission is to spearhead and ensure that mobile purchase commerce gains a firm foothold here in Malaysia.

Burj Asia Corporation's main focus is in providing a "one-stop" service solutions for mobile commerce, specifically in the purchasing sector. Our specialty involves marrying e-commerce with mobile commerce with the use of mobile technology to deliver robust and innovative business solutions. Furthermore, we can facilitate your business to exploit the full potential of the emerging wireless communication technologies.

Our comprehensive business models are focused on bridging gaps in the mobile commerce industry. With this and the ability of our business models to incorporate multiple cutting-edge technologies; Burj Asia Corporation prides itself in bridging any gaps in the mobile commerce industry. Apart from being renowned as the only company in Malaysia offering business transformation concepts in the mobile commerce industry, it is also our vision at Burj Asia Corporation to continuously present high quality solutions suitable for any market.