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What does a budding entrepreneur do when they have a great idea, but no capital to get their idea started? They enter The Perfect Pitch competition!

The Perfect Pitch is a business pitching competition where Entrepreneurs pitch their out-of-the-box idea, product or solution and make an offer to a panel of investors, known as “AIS – Angel Investors” who ultimately decide to either invest, or pass on the opportunity to make a deal after explaining what they did or didn’t like about the presentation.


  1. Any solo founder or team of entrepreneurs which meets the following criteria:
  2. Malaysian aged 18 to 40 years.
  3. Individual or companies.
  4. A new entrepreneur or an entrepreneur seeking a second chance.
  5. Company of applicant is at least 60% owned by Malaysian (if applicable).


Structured in two stages: Audition Stage and FINALS: Creative Stage.

  • Audition Stage – Applicant submit a 5-minute video describing their idea/product/solution and panel of judges will evaluate and review. Selected finalists will be invited to FINALS: Creative Stage.
  • FINALS: Creative Stage – Selected finalists will present his/her idea/product/solution & prototype on stage to a panel of investors. Investors will sit as the audience to listen to what the applicant has to present and at the same time, evaluate, review and ask questions/comments.



  1. Download the forms and record a 5-minute audition video describing your idea/product/solution.
  2. Submit them via email to
  3. Deadline: 9AM Saturday, February 15.

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